Mayor Doug Kinslow has announced that the new eagle monument will be unveiled at 10 am on Veterans Day on Town Square. The newest addition to the Veterans Memorial will be located under the clock tower.

The new statue, named “Freedom”, depicts a male and female eagle with their three baby eaglets in a nest. The rests on rocks from Bell Park which replaced the landscaping under the tower.

Jim and Judy Dodson of Greenwood were the artist contracted to create the monument. The artwork took approximately nine months to complete. The sculpture was made here in Greenwood and was fired in Texas.

“The thing that got to me about this particular statue,” said Kinslow. “Was that it was a family and a lot of people that come the memorial are family. I thought that was fitting.”

The project was paid for by donations from the following: Farmers Bank $5,000, Western Arkansas Planning and Development $5,000, Mike McAlister $2,000, The A&P Commission $5,000 and the City of Greenwood $5,200.