Bids were open for the City Lake Trail Project with Dixon Contracting being the apparent low bidder at $75,000 at the October meeting of the Greenwood Parks Commission. The second lowest bid was Circle M Construction at $123,032 and Steve Beam Construction was the highest at $193,100. The project will extend the Lake Trail by a mile, finish the parking lot, add lighting to the parking lot as well as add some signage. The wide range of bids concerned some of the commissioners however, Commission Chair, Cinda Bell stated that Dixon Contracting was one of the construction companies that worked on the promenade at the top of Bell Park and that they were satisfied with the work.

The funds for the project will come from a federal grant that was awarded to the city in the amount of $109,000. Architect for the project, Michael LeJong, suggested that the funds left over from the project could be used to negotiate with Dixon to lengthen the trail even further.

Commission chair openings

Bell announced that two spots on the commission were open at the end of October when the terms of Otis Edwards and Susan Fox expired. Bell stated that she would like to see available commission seats to be announced to the public and perhaps even have a nominating committee that would accept application from people that are interested in serving. “There might be a lot people out there that would be interested in serving but they don’t even know when they become available,” said Bell. “I think that it is something that the city should implement for all commission positions.” Such a change would have to be brought to the council for approval. Edwards and Fox were approved for an additional three year term. Bell was approved to continue as the commission chair for another year and Dr. Kay Headly was approved to continue as the commission’s Vice Chair.

The commission approved $5,000 to go towards outdoor instruments to be added to Bell Park as a part of a Girl Scout Project proposed by Shalea O’riley. The idea was also proposed to the A&P Commission at their latest meeting. The A&P agreed to pay $10,000 toward the $14,390 price of the equipment. The Parks Commission agreed to go ahead with $5,000 in the event that there any overages on the project. “I have always liked going to the parks since we moved to Greenwood when I was in the first grade,” said O’Riley. “I have also have always had a passion for art and music.”

O'Riley explained that while the instruments are pricey that they are built for all weather types and require very little maintenance. O’Riley is pursuing the instruments as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project. The project would consist adding outdoor musical instruments to a park. Instruments would include such items as xylophones, cymbals and drums that kids can play.

The Parks Department will soon be adding two new water fountains that will have a water bottle filling station, a regular faucet and water bowel specifically for dogs. One fountain will be on the city walking trail while the other will be added to Bell Park.