It took a long time but I think that I am finally becoming nostalgic for the 90’s. These things take time I suppose. I was in high school and college through the 90’s, I met and married my wife in the 90’s and my daughter Rachel was born in 1997. I suppose it is easy to romanticize a time before the explosion of smartphones Facebook and Google.

The most invasive technology in the 90’s must have been pagers. I remember having a pager and my wife and I would text each other codes. For example 8201 might mean “I love you”, this necessitated us carrying around a little book full of codes that we would have to flip through anytime we received a page from one another.

I should start carrying a pager around again; that would really throw people off. That way anytime I was in the middle of a conversation that I was no longer interested in I could page myself with my cell phone, my pager would beep, I would look very seriously at the LCD display and say to the person, “I have to take care of something,” and then I would show them the number on the outdated device that, would of course, be followed by the digits 911. That is when you knew that it was a serious matter.

Also in the 90’s everyone watched, more or less, the same things on tv and it provided you with something to talk about. Now we are so segregated in our entertainment that I continually find out about a series after it has been off the air for several years. Don’t get me wrong I would not want to go back to the days of taping things on VCRs or even Tivo for that matter. In our house we no longer subscribe to cable. We have a few on demand services such as Netflix and Hulu. We do keep a digital antenna that we use during storms to watch the local weather. All other local news is consumed through newspapers.

I don’t know if I will ever feel this way about the 2000’s. The new millennium started with Y2K and has gotten worse as it went along. Or maybe it is just a trick that my mind plays on itself. I can easily see myself doing a complete 180 on the subject and saying things like, “Thank God for my phone! I never have to remember another phone number as long as I live”. That is a pretty good point, me from the future.