Greenwood Police Officer, Tim Gossett, rejoined the department in July. Previously Gossett had been a Greenwood Police Officer from 2002 until 2010. Tim decided to join the force after doing ride alongs with Officer Mark Mergan. Since becoming a police officer Gossett has become a Field Training Officer and a Drug Recognition Expert.

“I enjoy working in Greenwood,” said Gossett. “We have the support of the community and that doesn’t happen much. Knowing a lot of people around here helps deal with situations when you know people better it helps to resolve problems.”

Tim stated that he is grateful that he was able to come back to work in Greenwood once again and says that he is here to stay. “Greenwood is a great town and a great place to work,” said Gossett. “We have great officers here and great leadership. You can ask for anything more.”

Tim has been married to his wife Jessica since 2011. The Gossett's have a 17 year old son, Garrett, and a baby that is due in February. “College applications and daycare applications in the same year!”