Greenwood City Fireman and Sebastian County Paramedic, Marty Nelson, has served the area since 2002 when he joined the Hartford Fire Department. Inspired by the events of 9/11 Nelson said that he wanted to do something to help people. “All of those firefighters willing to go into that situation to help their fellow man,” said Nelson. “That made me realize that our country was 343 firefighters down. So I thought that I could at least be one of those to replace them.” A year after becoming a firefighter Marty became an EMT and three years later he became a paramedic. Marty joined the Greenwood Rural Fire Department in 2006 and then the Greenwood City Fire Department in 2009. Aside from his duties with fire and ems Nelson also teaches an EMT course at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. Nelson has two kids; Duke who is 10 and Marleigh, who is 18.