Greenwood City Firefighter Will Robinson has served his community for the last fifteen years. Will started his firefighting career with the Greenwood Rural fire department in 2002 and transferred to the city department in 2014.

“Being a firefighter was something I had been thinking about,” said Robinson. “I just wanted to find something where I could help out and give back to the community. This was the best way that I could see to do that. It’s very interesting to me.”

Will graduated from Greenwood High School in 1998 and works full time as a field supervisor for Milltown Washburn water.

“I have loved every minute of my time as a firefighter,” said Robinson. “The guys here are fantastic to work with. We are close here and it is just a great family atmosphere. This was the best decision I could have made.”

Will has been married to his wife Miranda for 13 years. The Robinsons have a 10 year old daughter, Emery and a six year old son, Parker.