Last week Greenwood Police Officer Regan Whitworth tendered a letter of resignation amid an internal investigation.

According to a press release put out by the Greenwood PD Whitworth was arrested for DWI following an accident in the early morning hours of Sunday, August 27. The accident occurred in Lavaca and was investigated by the Arkansas State Police. Whitworth was booked into the Sebastian County Detention Center and later released.

Whitworth was stopped by the Lavaca Police Department shortly before the accident, but according to the Assistant Chief, Charles Toon, he was released.

Toon explained that Whitworth was pulled over by one of his reserve officers after making a U-turn on Adams Street to make sure that they were not lost. “It was basically a welfare check,” said Toon. “He made contact with the driver and asked him if everything was ok, the driver said ‘yes’, he asked the passenger and he said ‘yes’. The officer said ok I appreciate it, be safe and have a good day, he did not ask for a driver's license, registration or insurance because we wasn’t really making a traffic stop for a violation.”

Toon stated that his officer did not pick up on any indications that Whitworth had been drinking. “I have no doubt that if he had smelled alcohol or had any indicators that he would have called a supervisor,” said Toon. “People think that he was let go because he was a cop but that his as far away from the truth as possible.”

Because it was just a welfare check no report was made of the incident.

Whitworth had been employed with the Greenwood Police Department since September of 2011.

Whitworth was assigned to the patrol division and is a certified senior operator who oversaw all operations of the department’s breath alcohol Intoximeter. Whitworth was awarded Officer of the Year in 2015.