I was lucky enough to get to see the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight this weekend at my friend Daryl’s place. It was a great fight. McGregor did better than I expected him to and it was money well spent on Daryl’s part.

I’ve always liked boxing. I am no expert of course, a lesson my wife learned the hardway.

It was a few months after Christy had our son, Eric, that my brother in law, TJ, acquired some tickets to the Toughman competition that was taking place in Fort Smith. For the uninitiated, Toughman is a tournament where you pay good money to climb into a boxing ring with another poor soul and see who can beat the daylights out of the other in front of a paying crowd.

The amatuer fighters are equiped with mouth pieces, gloves and headgear. There are three rounds lasting a minute each, which sitting behind my keyboard sounds like a short duration. I have been informed that it is in fact an eternity.

TJ and I were watching the fights and having a good time when it is announced that the women would now face off. Watching from a distance the two females seemed to hardly be moving and their punches looked like mere taps. After the fight we are told that there are no other women in the competition and anyone who wants to sign up will fight the winner the next night. This was all we needed to hear, TJ and I pooled our resources and signed Christy up to fight the next night.

“She is lean and mean,” I told TJ. “Christy will kill’em!”.

“Of course,” said TJ. “She is in better shape and will be a lot quicker.”

We took the idea to her and she was not thrilled that we had signed her up but she agreed to give it a shot.

The next night we showed up at the venue, gave Christy a pep talk and helped her lace up the gloves. The announcer called Christy’s name, “Bad Christy Graham”, she climbed up into the ring and started getting some advice from her corner crew. Next the announcer brought up “The Nasty Nurse” and it was at this point that we realized how big “The Nasty Nurse” really was in comparison to my wife.

The bell rang and something miraculous happened, “The Nasty Nurse” had picked up some moves over night. Gone was the tactic of leaning on her opponent and gently tapping, Nasty had picked up a stiff jab with which she began to apply to my wife's face. Thump, thump, thump! Christy’s hair began to poke through the holes in the head gear and you could see it wave violently back and forth with each strike. The crowd began to groan with each punch. Christy survived the first round and then the second but was under the impression that she was finished when the stool was ripped from beneath her and she was pushed out into the center of the ring where Nasty was waiting on her. Barely able to keep her hands up from exhaustion she somehow finished the fight without being knocked down.

Christy had the courage to jump in the ring with an unknown opponent mere months after giving birth. Christy did not run away or give up. TJ and I joke to this day about how we paid to get her butt kicked by the “Nasty Nurse”.