I helped my mother move into her new house last week. She moves a lot and every time I tell her this is the last move, but I always give in and move her again. I can’t say too much I have a tendency to move a lot as well. We move as our space requirements change with kids moving out and in or to accommodate pets. I have always had dogs but now I am down to one dog and I think this may be the end of my dog owning days. He is a good dog, never any accidents in the house or any other trouble. The dog was given to us by my brother in law Clifford, aka El Cunado. When we received the dog I was told its name was Cocoa, however Cocoa is a boy and I refuse to call the dog by a girl’s name so I call him Poppy. Poppy is a Yorkshire Terrier that for some unknown reason never had his tail cut so he just looks like a mutt. I have always had Cocker Spaniels and Yorkies, I just seem to attract them.

I would like to have a Bulldog but the life span of a Bulldog is not great. Eight to Ten years as I understand it. My mother has a Bulldog, named Skye, that I have great affection for. I would love to have it taxidermied when it eventually passes though my mother has forbade it.

Some people think that it is morbid to have a dog stuffed but I don’t see the difference in stuffing a squirrel and stuffing a bulldog. I once bought a stuffed frog playing a guitar in Honduras. Not to mention some colleges have stuffed dog mascots prominently on display.

I even looked into it a bit. Most taxidermist that I spoke to said that they would not touch such a project mainly because the finished product would not look exactly like the dog. I don’t mind it not looking EXACTLY the same I just want a Bulldog to put in my office.

There is an alternative to stuffing the dog and that is freeze drying. If I understand it correctly it is a process where by water is sucked out of the animal until it is devoid of any moisture. Apparently the former animal will then freeze in whatever pose it is put into and is popular among those that wish to preserve their pets.

My only concern would be what would happen if I spilled a glass of water on it? Would it turn into a pile of goo? That might give me nightmares, I don’t think I could witness that.

My office is full of bulldog paintings and statues. I may have to be content with that for now but if anyone has any ideas I am open to suggestions.