Greenwood City Council Awards sanitation contract at their monthly meeting.

The Greenwood City Council started Monday night with the opening of bids for the city’s sanitation contract. Altes Sanitation, the city’s current provider appeared to be the lowest bidder.
Altes bid $9.40 for each residential pickup and $1 each for recycling, the second lowest bid was from Inland Waste Solutions out of Sarasota Florida with a bid of $12.20 for trash pickup with no additional cost for recyclables, MSG Waste and Refuse bid $16.56 per household and $1.50 for recyclables.
According to city attorney Mike Hamby the MSG bid did not meet the city’s requirements as it did not include a bond.
“It appears to be a non qualifying bid,” said Hamby. A representative from MSG stated that the paperwork he received did not state that the bond had to be included. Greenwood Mayor, Doug Kinslow, then read the cover letter explaining the bidding process. “All bids should be submitted on company letterhead to include all proofs of bonds and insurance information as specified in the contract,” said Kinslow.
Alderman Rod Powell made the motion to accept the apparent lowest bidder. Powell addressed the mayor stating, “If when you review all of the figures, if that is not the case (that Altes was the lowest bidder) then you need to bring this back to us”.
Greenwood citizen Ricky Gabbard addressed the council expressing his displeasure with Altes. “You get what you pay for,” said Gabbard. “Every Friday after our garbage is done I can not even walk out there until the next day. There is liquid all over the road, it smells and a lot of time there is still garbage out there.”
Powell explained to Gabbard that the council is bound by law to accept the lowest bid but that if the sanitation company does not live up to the contract that it can be cancelled and the bid process can be restarted.
Councilman Daniel McDaniel made the comment later in the meeting that he had received a message from MSG.
“It’s a video showing Altes trucks taking recycling to the dump,” said McDaniel. “And a comment that the mayor and council are aware of it. I am certainly not aware of that and to my knowledge none of the rest of you are aware of that.”
Councilman Dr. Lee Johnson stated that Bobby Altes had attended a recent study session and assured the council that this was not the case.
“Just for the record,” said McDaniel. “We are not aware of that”.
Mayor Kinslow stated that he was aware of the video but stated that he was not an investigator. “I promise you that while I am in this position we will hold them accountable,” said Kinslow.