Greenwood student Boston Whisenhunt stood before a crowd and took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and of the state of Arkansas on July 25 at the Fort Smith Police Station as he was sworn in to be the Police Chief for a day.

It was two years ago following his first baseball practice of the year that his parents noticed a lump on Boston’s neck. Nearly a month later the lump was identified as cancer and even later it was diagnosed as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“Some people invest in stock markets, some people invest in 401Ks.” said Fort Smith Police Chief Nathaniel Clark. “This is our 401K, this is our hope, this is our future, this is our Chief, Chief Boston Whisenhunt.”

After the oath of office Whisenhunt approached the podium and stated that the “doughnut thing” was in fact not true and that playing Pokemon during meetings was frowned upon and that you are not allowed to push all of the buttons in the patrol cars. “Serving a city is a lot of work but it is its own reward,” said Boston.

Arkansas District 78 state Rep. George B. McGill, of Fort Smith, was also on hand to present flags, a commendation and badge on behalf of the state House of Representatives.

According to Stephanie Whisenhunt, Boston’s mother, currently his scans show that the cancer is gone as of last month. Boston still has to complete all his chemo treatments until Texas children’s hospital calls about his bone marrow transplant, which his younger brother Keaton will give him. Stephanie stated the oncologist believes this will finally keep the cancer gone. This is Boston’s third diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma.