An officer was on patrol on W. Atlanta street when he was waved down by a man that stated that he believed his son who is 17 was in possession of a stolen firearm. According to the police report the officer was let into the house to find the minor rolling a marijuana cigarette next to a bag of suspected marijuana in plain sight. When asked if he was smoking weed the suspect said, “yeah”, and was placed under arrest. When asked if he had a gun on him earlier the suspect admitted he had and showed the officer where the gun was and admitted that he had taken the gun from his grandfather without his knowledge. The suspect was transported to the Sebastian County Juvenile Detention Center.


David Wise, 51, of Fayetteville was arrested on charges of DWI and refusal to submit after he was stopped going southbound in the northbound lane. According to the police report Wise was stopped by an off duty officer when the Greenwood officer arrived. The officer noticed a very strong odor of intoxicants and bloodshot watery eyes with slurred speech. When asked where he was headed Wise stated that he had come from the Peacemaker Festival in Fort Smith and that he was on his way home. Wise believed that he was in Fayetteville. When asked how much he had to drink he stated that he had four beers. After a field sobriety test Wise was placed into custody for suspicion of DWI and was transported to the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center.