William Phillips, 7 years old

Raina Roam, 7 years old

Chloe Witt, 11 years old

Cadence Witt, 9 years old

Carlie Witt, 7 years old

Zailey Guess, 7 years old

Zoie Guess, 6 years old

Winning Father Tony Stimac

Artwork by Tegan Age 9

My daughter, Tegan (age: 9), loves animals! So, for this contest, she decided to draw her Dad as an animal. (She isn’t raised by wolves, I promise! ;) ). According to Tegan, the wrench in his mouth represents how hard-working her Dad is. (He also works for Klein Tools, so I’m thinking she probably had that in mind too.) Finally, the “NC” in the middle of the drawing is her watermark logo…so no one will steal her work. Lol At age 9, she’s already a consummate professional. I hope you’ll appreciate her individualism and creativity. Thanks for reading!