Hello from all of us here at Golden Years Village. The residents all are so nice and great conversationalists. Activities and spending time together is what we do best! This week we have had some great devotionals here at Golden Years Village with Verna Payne, Norma Breedlove, Joanne Szczepanik, Ellen Koratzou, Reba Loux, Lewis Underdahl, Merle Ecord, Harold Griffin, Gracie Brown, Paul Whittington, Paul Newhouse, Pete Michael, Gloria and Cecil Cardic. We have discussed and read about being “God Confident”, having patience with the Lord’s plan with our life, the real meaning for Communion, and how to Love each other as the Lord loves us. This week in Bingo we have had a lot of participation from our Golden Years Residents. Bingo seems to be our Number 1 activity and we always have tons of fun and candy. The “Walking Club” (Norma Breedlove, Verna Payne, and Grayce Brown) have been taking daily walks around the building this week. We really enjoy the fresh air and would love more participants!

We welcome visitors and love you to visit and try out a game of bingo or join us for our devotionals. For more information please contact Golden Years Village and we will be happy to inform you on this week’s activities. God Bless!