Family and Consumer Science, Kelby Carter

Family and Consumer Science, Emily Couch

Family and Consumer Science, Brevan Stiefel

Financial Literacy, Hailey Wells

Food and Nutrition, Asia Parks

(2 awards) Nutrition and Wellness and Food and Nutrition, Ethan Fisher

(3 awards) Family and Consumer Science, Parenting, and Child Development, Shelby Potter

Computer Business Applications, Ashton Efurd

Computer Business Applications, Emily Couch

Computer Business Applications, Jordyn Null

Computer Business Applications, Asia Parks

Computer Business Applications, Emily Slavens

Digital Communications I and II, Aaron Silva

Digital Communications III and IV, John Parnell

Digital Communications III and IV, Ashlyn Branham

Art 1 - Most Improved Artist, Sean McBride

Studio Art - Most Creative Artist, Louisa VonStein

Art I - Most Creative Artist, Ashton Efurd

Art Appreciation - Most Creative Artist, Kylie Brown

EAST Conference Team, Jacob Liberto

EAST Conference Team, Cass Moquett

EAST Conference Team, Terrell Washington

7th grade English, Lauren Moran

7th grade English, Sarah White

7th grade English, Kaelea Halsey

7th grade English, Mason Oelke

7th grade English, Cogan Hester

8th grade English, Brooke Holt

8th grade English, Hayleigh Haycraft

8th grade English, Jaren Johnson

8th grade English, Payten McCall

9th grade English, Torri Sherman

9th grade English, Hunter Christenberry

Oral Communications, Kallie Turney

Oral Communications, Beau Nelson

Journalism, Alesha Pittman

Creative Writing Fall Semester, Dalton Colwell

Creative Writing Spring Semester, Angel Hart

10th grade English, Cobe Neal

Pre-Ap 10th grade English, Aaron Silva

Pre-Ap 10th grade English, Emily Slavens

11th grade English, Tanner Hamilton

11th grade English, T.J. Moran

Creative Writing Fall, Cogan Hester

Creative Writing Spring, Lauren Moran

Creative Writing Spring, Madeline Freeman

AP English Language and Composition, Cassie Bell

7th grade Science, Lauren Moran

Science awards

8th grade Science, Angel Hart

8th grade Science, Brooke Holt

8th grade Science, Dalton Colwell

Physical Science, Tomey Carpenter

Pre AP Physical Science, Briar Goines

Biology, Hope Thomas

Pre AP Biology, Emily Slavens

Pre AP Biology, Asia Parks

Pre AP Biology, Aaron Silva

Chemistry, Maggie Bell

Chemistry, Jon Dunn

Physics, Cassie Bell

7th grade Math, Kinlee Null

7th grade Math, Madeline Freeman

8th grade Math, Brooke Holt

8th grade Math, Kandace Byrd

Algebra I, Emily Couch

Algebra I, Emily Silva

Algebra I, Marissa Haynes

Algebra I, Liz Smith

Algebra I, Colton Jones

Algebra I, Briar Goines

Algebra I, Tomey Carpenter

Algebra I, Brevan Stiefel

Bridge to Algebra II, Ty Holt

Algebra II, Shelby Potter

Algebra II, Liam Connally

Pre AP Algebra II, Emily Slavens

Pre AP Algebra II, Aaron Silva

Geometry, Emily Slavens

Geometry, Aaron Silva

Pre-Calculus, Cassie Bell

Pre-Calculus, Liam Connally

Pre-Calculus, Jonathan Dunn

8th grade History, Jamye Durham

8th grade History, Kayla Richardson

8th grade History, Sarah Moss

8th grade History, Brooke Holt

8th grade History, Madi Taylor

8th grade History, Faith Thomas

8th grade History, Kristy Mead

8th grade History, Jordan Johnson

8th grade History, Fischer Shipman

8th grade History, Dalton Colwell

U.S. Government, Mathew Johson

7th grade Geography, Lauren Moran

7th grade Geography, Mason Oelke

Economics, Torri Sherman

Civics and Government, Emily Couch

World History, Blake Rogers

U.S. History, Madison Bailey

U.S. History, Cassie Bell

Perfect Attendance and Citizenship awards

Kinlee Null and Shelby Potter.

Junior High Girl Citizenship Award was a tie, Madi Taylor and Kiersten Elmore

Junior High Boy Citizenship Award, Dalton Colwell

Senior High Girl Citizenship Award, Magnolia Goines

Senior High Boy Citizenship Award, Aaron Silva