Karen Brannon’s Bio and Artist Statement

Karen has always loved art. Way back in elementary school, she spent her spare time drawing and painting, trying to get better, drawing on anything she had including napkins, paper grocery bags, and envelopes cards came in.

She had a hard time deciding what to do as a career, but since she was awarded a full time 4 year scholarship in music and the biggest art scholarship her school awarded was $200, she opted to go the music major route and started a minor in art.

After graduating as a music major, and moving around following her husband’s job as well as choosing to stay home with her 2 children, both art and music sat on the sidelines for a while. As the children grew, and more time was available, Karen started taking some art lessons, and got back into the art world again. Her favorite medium at this time is pastels, but she also loves colored pencils, graphite pencils, and oils, and it’s not unusual to see her doing watercolors or acrylics either. They all have their unique traits that Karen enjoys! She loves to convey everyday things to everyday people whether it’s students or grandchildren in play or a gorgeous landscape or a beautiful sunset. The desire to share her love of art combined with her experience in teaching music led her to the world of teaching art.

After many years of traveling around teaching music and art in different locations each week, the opportunity to rent a building and open up her own music and art teaching studio happened in the fall of 2015. The name Moz Art Studios was a perfect fit to include music and art, and Karen continues to love teaching both and has the space now to create her own art, teach, and even have a gallery wall where she can allow others to share their work too.

To see some of Karen’s work, go to www.karenkbrannon.com or stop by the studio at 724 Main in Van Buren. You may also contact her at (479)719-5455.