Brennon McMahan, a 2001 graduate from Southside High School was at one time the youngest EMT in the state of Arkansas. He was graduated from the very first WATC (Western Arkansas Technical Center) program, which allowed him to take college courses during high school so that when he graduated he was also an EMT. As soon as he left high school McMahan went to work for Fort Smith EMS while taking classes in Ozark to become a paramedic. After becoming a medic Brennon was hired on at Sebastian County EMS in 2004.

“I knew that I wanted to do something medical,” said McMahan. “My mom was a respiratory therapist and I had done some volunteer work at the hospital so I knew that I liked the medical side of things but I didn’t want to be stuck in a hospital all day so this was the obvious option.”

Brennon stated that he likes working for the county. “We are a tight knit group. It is a smaller service on the grand scheme of things and there is a diversity of calls. You never know what you will get called to.”

McMahan is able to do auto extrication and serves on the TEMS Team (Tactical Emergency Medical Service) with the county’s SWAT Team and has done the maintenance on the ambulances for the last eight years. Brennon stated that growing up his father and brother were both mechanics. “It is just something I am used to doing.”

Brennon and his wife Jill have been married for 11 years and they have two kids Jackson who is four and Bentlee who is one.