The Betty Wilkinson Senior Center in Greenwood is in the process of raising funds to purchase a vehicle for their Meals on Wheels program which provides food to elderly residents in homes. “Some of the people we serve do not see anyone but us,” said Site Director, Lisa Moore. “And some of them do not get a hot meal except the one that we provide them. It is hard when you know that no one is there to take care of them. It is nice for them to see someone come in with a hot meal.”

Moore stated that she and her staff sold cinnamon rolls to help offset some of the cost during Valentine’s Day. They made a lot of cinnamon rolls, 156 dozen to be exact which works out to 1,872 rolls all tolled. After subtracting materials and supplies the center raised over $1,000 for their cause but more is still needed. Currently the center has two vans, however one is having engine troubles and the other is not in good working order.

“We are trying to purchase two new SUVs,” said Moore. The center is currently borrowing a car from the Mansfield Senior Center. The senior center will be holding fundraisers throughout the year at various events for the needed automobiles.

According to Moore the center serves 540 meals a month and provides 1,480 with their Meals on Wheels program. “We also deliver frozen meals for the weekend, holidays and during bad weather,” said Moore. “Which reaches 150-200 extra meals.”

Meals on Wheels delivers to the homes of senior citizens five days a week and provide frozen meals for those that need them over the weekend.

Greenwood Mayor Doug Kinslow stated that the city has a contract with the senior center whereby they lease the building to the SRCA for a dollar a year. The city also provides $15,000 in funding as well as $2,500 for any maintenance costs. “The money is well taken care of,” said Moore. “We don’t spend it unless we have it. We really watch what we spend here.”

City workers also help out with landscaping and repairs as the center has needs.