Greenwood Rural Firefighter Wilson Sanders has served his community for the last two years as a volunteer. Sanders graduated from Greenwood High School in 2010. Wilson stated that he had known families that had lost their homes to fire growing up and that prompted him to want to be a firefighter. “Just seeing how that affected them makes you want to do something to help,” said Sanders. “I want to give back. I feel like it is my civic duty.” Wilson’s father work for the U.S. Forest Service fighting wildfires when he was in college. “He always talked about how great it was fighting a big fire,” said Sanders. “That really hit home when I was in college and we had that big fire out in Chaffee. That really made me want to pursue something in the fire service.”

Wilson joined the department right out of college where he studied geology. He currently works for the county road department. Sanders stated that he just finished his first responder class and plans to start making medical calls after he does his required ride time.