With Christmas coming up, Greenwood High School students are beginning to reminisce about their holiday traditions with their friends and their family.

GHS senior Jackson Gregory said he has a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with his family.

GHS sophomore Kaitlyn Robine said she has a tradition of opening her presents with her family at midnight on Christmas.

“It’s kind of like opening them on Christmas Eve and Christmas day at the same time,” she said.

Gregory also follows a similar present-opening tradition.

“My family starts opening presents on Christmas Eve, and it goes throughout Christmas day as well,” he said.

Many people spend the holidays with their friends and family, like Robine.

She says her favorite part about Christmas is getting time to spend with her family.

“What I like about Christmas is that I wake up at 4 in the morning and tell my parents to get up so we can open presents,” Gregory said.

As for giving and getting gifts, both students said they enjoy giving presents rather than getting then.