Dear Santa,

I love your work. I have been good again. You’re the BEST! Thank you! This is what I want for Christmas

• Little live pets snuggles puppy

• Little live pets dragen

• Little live pets bootsey cat

• Chubby puppybig bouncey

• Choppy puppy babys

Your biggest fan Brianna S.

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I know this is your dusy time of the year, I wanted to tell you that I have been good this year. I wanted art slplis. Another thang I wanted is color pinsols. Tell Rudolph I said Hi. I will leave you two cookies and Rodolph ten carrots on Christmas Eve.

Your friend Hudson

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I know it’s a bizy year for you and your randear. I hope you like are crismis tree. I will leave a ipad, and a game cameria and a remote cintrole grave digger. I would like a pitcher of the raindeer,

Love Griffin M.

Dear Santa,

How are you going? I hope you make it to my house. I know this is your busy time of year. I would relly love a guitar to play music. I would also like a ipod to play games on. I would also like a huge Barbie doll house to. Tell mrs. Claus and Rudolph I said hi. I will leave you cookies and Rudolph Carrats.

Your friend Emily W.

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I have been good this year I want a phone a phone and a pokemon and a drone.

Your friend P.

Dear Saint Nick

How are you doing? I know that December is the most busy time of the year for you. I wanted to tell you that I have done a few mistakes this year, but besides that I think I was good. For Christmas, I would really like a fluffy, white, alive, nice kitten. I have always wanted one. Another thing I would like is a microscope. If I could have those two things, I would be amazed.

Love Story C.

To Santa

I would like a pie face, games for my wii, papa the pig, some new clothes and lots of surprizes.

Your friend Barrett

Dear Santa Clause

How do you eat all those cokiees in one night? I want you to know that I have ben really good this year, I have allsow set up one Christmas tree in our living room so you can know where to find it allsow hung up the stockings over the fireplace. We will make you homemade cookies. We will put them on our kitchen table for you. We will allsow leav a carrot for Rudolph an all the other reindeer. Tell Mrs. Clause how are you. How do you stay up all year long. I want a drone, a computer, and a tablet. I love Christmas do you?

Sincerely Brody P.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a magic track. A buney, love and peace, and a American girl dol. Also a tv a gumnastic wedge mat and a rolly berol. I almost forgot candey. This is going to be the best Christmas ever.

Loves Molly

Dear Santa Clause,

I love Rudolf. I will leave a keret for him. I bin good. I want a speed toy train and a fire truck and I will luv it a lot. We have a beautiful crismas tree you will see.

Frum Joshua

Dear Santa Clause,

How are you? You must be bust. It must be cold up there. I just wanted to tell you I was very good this year. I would also love a baby german shepherd, I would play with it every night and another thing I want is a baby.

Ps. tell Rudolph and Mrs. Claus I said hi.

Your friend, Lilly M.

Dear St. Nick,

How are you doing? I know this time of year you are so busy. and I wanted you to know that. What I really want was an Ipod because my mom won’t get me one because it is almost Christmas. I’ll leave you cookies and milk, and I’ll leave Roodof a carot.

Love Lainey B.

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I hope you are still hungery because I got some dillices cookies. What I really want is an Xbox one WWE wrestling toys and a remote control car. You are the best Santa ever.

Your friend Lucas R.

Dear Santa,

How is it going? You know I don’t want everything for Christmas all I want is for my family to be happy and for them to get what they want for Christmas. I will leave you some milk and cookies and Rudolph some M & M’s.

Your friend,

Maggie M.

Dear Santa,

I hope you eat all the cookies and milk I’m going to leave you. I want you to know that I have been good this year. I want a furby. I really hope you have fun giving the good people presents and the bad kids coal. I hope you have a great Christmas Eve.

Your friend Emma S.

Dear Santa,

I now you are busy this time of year but can you please give me precins. I now I have been notty a cuple times but I wunt a chocolate pen and a wach and a furry panda piggy bank.

Love K.

Dear Santa,

Do you feel good? I want a drone and I want drums I will leve you cooks.

Your friend

Tyler W.

Dear St, Nick

I have been trying to be good. Are you and your elf’s doing good? I hope you can get me a Vampire costum please. I hope you make shure your reindeer were sunglasses.


Abigail G.

Dear Santa,

Hope I wasn’t noty this year, Hope you come to my house this year. I would love the barbie camper. It can turn into a blue little car on Christmas night I’ll leave cookies and milk for you and maybe some apples for the raindeers.


Skyler P.

Dear St. Nick,

How are you doing? I know this is your busy time of year. I wanted to tell you I have been good this year. I really want a drone with a camra on it. Also on this commercial it said it turns from tant to boat. Just surprise me with some new video games. Tell Mrs. Claus I said high and I won’t forget the carrots for Rouldoph and the milk and cookies for you! You’re the best santa ever!

Your friend,

Cooper W.

Dear Santa Claus,

how are you and your famly. If you don’t git to rede this I am thankful for everythang. For Crismas I want a miy little pony toy, a fone, a ipad. I will Layout some cookys and a coca colla carits for the Rane Dere.


Emrin Wilson

Dear Santa,

I hope you and your reindeer are doing good. On Christmas eve I am going to leave Snowball cakes and I will bring Rudolph some m&m’s. I would really like the force ban for Christmas. P.S. at the store they are 240$.

Sincerely, Bryson C.

Dear Santa,

The onlea thing I want is famlea and you are good and you are on my goodlist and I hop you have a good chism eve We Shod do Sumthing good for You jus like you do good things for us.

Love, Layton L.

Der Santa Clos,

I luv rodof I wil lev keret for him I bin god I rile want a spied toy train and a nutr fir truck u wil liv it a lot We hav a badufl Crismas chree you will see.

frum joshua r.