Greenwood High School senior Parker Didier is a captain on the Bulldogs football team, which is ranked No 1 in Class 6A. The Bulldog Express recently visited with Didier about his senior year and his plans for the rest of the school year and life after graduation.

BE: What college do you plan to attend?

PD: I plan to attend either Harding, Henderson State or Ouachita Baptist and play football.

BE: What do you plan on majoring in?

PD: I am going to major in education and become a teacher and coach.

BE: Do you plan on being involved in Greek life on your college’s campus?

PD: No.

BE: Have you decided who you will room with at college?

PD: A future teammate

BE: Have you received any scholarship offers?

PD: I’ve received three football scholarships offers – Harding, Northeastern State and Southeastern Oklahoma State.

BE: How do you think attending college will affect you?

PD: It will prepare me for my job of being an educator and coach.

BE: How is your senior year going so far?

PD: It’s been fun and is very enjoyable.

BE: Do you wish graduation would get here quicker or more slowly?

PD: I wish it would slow down so I could be able to enjoy it more.

BE: What’s your favorite subject?

PD: Math. It’s one of the subjects that has come easier to me.

BE: Who is your favorite teacher and why?

PD: Mr. Holland. He’s embracing the new teacher role well and teaches about life.

BE: What is your most memorable moment from high school so far?

PD: My sophomore year. It was the first-ever time for me to start on the varsity football team.

BE: What will you miss most about GHS?

PD: I’ll miss Friday nights because as a football player there is no better feeling.

BE: How do you feel about begin a senior?

PD: It’s hard to grasp and realize this is the last time for everything.

BE: Are you prepared for the day when you and your friends part ways and go on your own paths?

PD: I’m definitely not ready because I’ve had the same friends. It’ll be hard.

BE: If you had the chance to be a sophomore again, would you?

PD: Yes, because I would have done things differently and had three more years of high school football.