The leaves are changing and falling, football playoff games are beginning and students are desperately awaiting the Thanksgiving holiday break.

And, that means good food and shopping.

Thanksgiving is a time for most to eat a good meal – or however many servings they can eat – and spend time with their families. It’s a time to reflect on all the good things they’ve been blessed with throughout the year.

GHS sophomore Aubrey Barnes said her family goes to a community Thanksgiving. She said that one food that is a must for the meal is mashed potatoes.

For GHS sophomore Faith Teyechea, the tradition is having a meal with her family. She said that for her family’s meal there has to be a green bean casserole.

Along with students, GHS teachers are also looking forward to the holiday break.

GHS English teacher Audrey Hamilton said that “it’s a time for turkey and football.” Hamilton said she goes to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving out of tradition.

Along with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that’s become one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

At least it is for some.

Barnes doesn’t look forward to the popular shopping day because that’s the day she goes to get regular groceries.

Teyechea said that Black Friday is “very overwhelming and scary.” She prefers to do her shopping online on Cyber Monday. Hamilton said she also prefers to shop online during Cyber Monday, too, because the stores are hectic on Black Friday.

During Black Friday weekend last year, the National Retail Federation said that 61.7 percent of consumers or 151 million people, shopped online or in-person, spending an average of almost $300 each.