Believe it or not it is only early in the month of October and the mornings are already too cool to sit out on the patio to drink my morning cup of coffee. The other morning it was fifty degrees. Before the day was over it was eighty-seven and the humidity was awful. I know it is fall as every direction I look I see squirrels. As I have asked many times, “When did squirrels come to town?” I can expect many more as there are three big nest in the tall sweetgum trees. I don’t know what is worse sweetgum balls or squirrels. With the coming of fall and the nice cool mornings it brings back memories of going squirrel hunting with Frank. We would get up long before daylight to drive to Barber or Rattlesnake Canyon to hunt. Before Bobby was born I couldn’t get enough fried squirrel. Would I eat one today? NO WAY! When you are growing up eating things like that you think you are eating the “BEST”.

Today I would have to be really hungry to eat even a little bite. I haven’t tasted any in seventy years. I remember sitting by a tree in the woods watching and listening for the little critters. Frank and I didn’t talk to each other because you had to be perfectly quiet. How I loved walking through the woods especially after a rain.

Brother Jim came by for his weekly visit. We were sitting out on the patio which is covered in leaves. I told him I had a leaf blower but I’m just leaving the leaves so I can walk in them. He said, “What ever.” One time Frank shot a squirrel which ran up a tree into a hole. He climbed the tree to get the critter. The tree happened to be covered with poison Ivy.

Need I say more? That should have been enough to turn him against hunting squirrels. The other morning I was sitting on the patio when a little squirrel decided to play around my feet. I didn’t move. If it had decided it wanted to sit in my lap it would have been a different story. It is too bad squirrels don’t eat sweetgum balls. As I said I have heard Hostas love the little balls. When they begin to fall I am going to fill my flower beds full. I will let you know if Hostas really do thrive on them. I know I should start trying to find a place in my garage for my many plants to spend the winter. With so many of Bob’s things in the garage I have run out of space. Many of my plants are big and several years old. My car may have to sit out—the plants in. I wish I had a little hot house where I could winter my plants. If I was like my Mama I would already have one made. She made one on the south side of her house. I’ll bet sister Jane could build one with the help of my niece, Barbara. There is not too much those two can’t fix. Jane has followed in Mama’s footsteps—I didn’t.

I have never trapped a squirrel but if you feel the need for a few I will be more than glad to try trapping. Although I may not be able to build a hot house I just bet I can trap a squirrel. I have been known to have trapped nine cats, one racoon and one ‘possum. All went to the Humane Shelter.

Guess what? I just bought a little green house. It is really green. It is also little. I hope to put the big plants in it.