She’s my kind of place

so named for a nightingale,

and I a mere object

captivated by every word I read about her.

My chest swells with pride

when those who dare ask

where I come from.

I smile with joy when I answer

yes, she’s one in the same…

an opera singer

all tied in with her beauty,

and at the end of her career

leaving the stage and never returning,

while responding to the Bible’s call

on her own life

graciously giving her name, Jenny Lind,

and allowing me to live happily

“down the road apiece”

from where I was born.

She’s a legend

traced to a Swedish start

dying in a sense

to live on forever.

By: Mary Ann Gamble

Jenny Lind, Arkansas

Song titled “Jenny Lind”

Lyrics by: Elmer Mikel

Jenny Lind, Arkansas