We had a volleyball article submitted to us last week by Carley Zirble. She is the daughter of Jason and Jeannette Zirbel. Carley did a nice job and submitted a great picture. As you get older you see the patterns and circles in life. Not too long ago that was me trying to get a picture in the paper. As the story goes I was a long distance runner in high school running cross country, the two mile and the mile in track. One football Friday night at Smith Robinson Stadium I decided that I wanted a Coke. I knew that the concession stand gave you half a can in a styrofoam cup for 75 cents but, if you walked to the commons area you could get a full can for 50. So I slipped out the back exit where the GMAC now sits. Back then it was a dirt parking lot and the rain would run downhill creating holes in the ground. Well I stepped in a hole, everything turned white and I almost passed out. I didn’t break my ankle though it felt like I had. I’m not sure if I ever got that coke or not. My ankle swelled up to the size of a baseball with a pocket of blood on one side. Unable to run I still tagged along to cross country meets and began taking pictures. I liked shooting in black and white and I was pretty good at it. I brought the pictures to Richard White, then published of the Greenwood Democrat. He liked what he saw and he gave me some assignments. I started shooting football and basketball games and I also developed film and made prints in the tiny closet that is adjoined to my current office. I still remember my first picture Mr. White printed. It was not a great picture but it was mine. It was an overexposed picture of two football players on the sideline. It was so overexposed that it took Richard and hour to print it but he made the effort because he knew how excited I was. I’ve never forgotten that.

I never wanted to write but when I started taking Journalism at Westark it was part of the package. I now view my writing classes in college the same way I view my typing classes in high school, thank God I was forced to do that and I wish I had paid more attention. I still can’t type numbers without looking.