I know the temperature is still hovering in the nineties although this morning as I sat out on the patio reading the morning paper it seemed as if I could feel a hit of fall in the air. (I hope) I think I am really ready for fall even though with fall next comes winter and I will be wondering if spring will ever come. I guess you can say I am never satisfied although I really do love all the seasons.

School started today. I know there were many tears shed both by students and parents. When i think of school starting I began to reflect on Bob’s first day of school. I was both excited and sad. Sad that my little boy was growing up and excited that he would be going to school. He was excited, too. I had scrubbed and polished him with new jeans and plaid shirt. I thought he was so cute. Well! all the excitement was short lived. His very first day of school he was locked in a closet. Day number two he had to sit on the school steps for throwing rocks at the school. He said there was a spider on the wall and he was trying to knock it off. I believe him. Day number three he had to sit under the teacher’s desk. If he moved she clamped her knees on his head. Needless to say I visited the teacher at her home every afternoon after school crying and trying to find out what my child had done to get in trouble as he was such a good quiet child at home. She would always say, “NOTHING”. I said I know he had to do something to get into trouble. Finally she told me she was using Bob and Phyllis Chaney as an example. Why didn’t I go to Mr. Dill, the Superintendant? I was a young mother and didn’t know “the ropes” at the time. Today, do you think I would not make a fast trip to the School Board?

From day one of his first day at school it was a battle to get him off to school. He would hang on to my legs and say, “But Mother, you might NEEEED me!.” How my heart would break when I finally got him on his way. As we only had one car I walked with him to school until Connie was born the last of November that year then I had to send him on his own. I cried, he cried. What a school year. It was almost that bad his whole twelve years of school.

Today after putting a child in a closet the teacher would be gone the first day of school. What a blessing when a child has a good kindergarten and first grade teacher. These two years makes a big difference in a child’s love for school. I admire all teachers and thankful for all of those who truly love their stressful job.