Life is an amazing thing. I know that one gets out of life what they put in it. Sometimes we get so busy that we let some very interesting things pass us by. Take people for instance. People we have known for years but haven’t taken the time to really get to know them. As I have gotten older I realize it more and more. You can have such a great time just getting to sit down and talk to them. Thus it was Sunday afternoon when I had a visit with Frances and Lorene Hughart, daughters of the late Andy Hughart. I have known them for years but never took the time to really know them. They live in Searcy now and, they read my column in the Greenwood Democrat and wanted to come by for a visit. Both of them were raised in Greenwood. Lorene spent the last several years in California. Frances was married to a military man and has traveled all over the country. All four of the Hughart girls are now widowed and live within a few miles of each other. The one boy in the family, Bill and his wife, live nearby. Bill is a retired minister. I understand that like most retired preachers he is called on quite often to fill in for another preacher. My son, Bob, and Lorene’s daughter, Betty, were in the wedding when Bill and the former Patty Hogan got married. Bob was the ring bearer and Betty the flower girl. I think I was more nervous that the bride. Bob told me later, "I dropped the ring but Patty didn’t see me." If I had known that I really would have been nervous.

Frances has five BIG BOOKS compiled about the Hugharts. I wished we could have had time to really look through them. I did find out the Hugharts came from France. They went from France to Germany. Frank’s Dad told me one time that the Hughart name was French.

My father –in-law was one of the best men I ever knew. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone. My grandson, Aaron, is just like him when it comes to saying things about another person. If you say something bad about them he will say something good. He just won’t talk about anyone. Of that I am proud.

I have always known the late Andy and Jep Hughart, brothers, but didn’t really know them. I know they were hard working men both raising good families. The late Means Wilkinson told me he would trust the Hugharts with anything he had. (He was speaking of the older generation) I know the two brothers did a lot of work for Farmers Bank. I may be wrong about that but I think I am right. I only wish that I had really gotten to know both families.

When Barbara Heartsill was here visiting me she talked about Lorene who was one of her best friends as she was growing up. I couldn’t tell her anything about her except she was living in California or I thought that was where she was living. Barbara called me Saturday so I told her to be at home Sunday afternoon as I had a surprise for her. I knew Lorene was going to be here and I planned to have her talk to Barbara. When Lorene said, "This is Lorene" I heard Barbara scream out "HUGHART"! It was a great feeling for me to know two longtime friends were in touch again.

The Hughart girls were in Greenwood for decoration at the Cross Cemetery where their parents and other family members are buried. Bob and Connie came over while they were here. Bob made the remark that he wished they could have stayed longer. They come to Greenwood once a year and I am looking forward to another longer visit when they come again. I would like to say, "Don’t put off really getting to know people because if you do the loss is yours."