You know when you are going to school the ones in your class seem like family, especially if you start with them in the first grade. To this day I have never understood why I always felt inferior to my classmates. I don’t know if it was because I was so much taller than the other girls in my class that I felt out of place or because they were smaller than me, they were cuter and wore fancier clothes than I did. I was as smart as most of them so it couldn’t be that. By the time we left the confines of the old rock school a lot of the girls had boys who were "SMITTEN" on them. Boys who carried their books, sat with them in the study hall while a few of my friends just had each other. I am not saying there were not any boys who asked me to sit with them they were just boys that I wasn’t interested in. I had friends that I ran around with and friends I played with in grade school. I just don’t know why I felt the way I did.

Frank and I married when I was a junior and I quit school. The following year when I should have been graduating I was married and had a baby. What a sad day for me when I saw my friends marching in with their caps and gowns on. I was happy being married and would not have taken anything for my little boy but that didn’t take away the sting. I sorta lost track of most of them until the 25th class reunion. The class was kind enough to make me a part of the wonderful get together. Then when the 50th came around I was asked to help plan it. Meeting with the planning committee took away all the feeling of being inferior. We had such a wonderful time being together that I forgot that I didn’t march down the aisle with the rest of them. I’m afraid had there not been name tags I would not have known some of them. When I think about the planning committee I feel really sad. Three of the planners, Jenkie Gann, John Tedford, and Gene Spearman are no longer with us. The three of them worked so hard on that get together. Today those of the class who want to, get together about every three months for lunch. I so look forward to meeting with them. I feel closer to them today than I did in first grade. Could it be because I have shrunk 7 ½ inches and no longer stand so much taller than the other girls or is it because I realize what a big part of my life they are? I just feel a special closeness to each of them. When I think about my classmates I will have to say I don’t think there were any two with the same name. Today so many parents use the popular name of the day. We had names like Madeline, Anita, Wanda Sue, Coy, Genelle, Alton, Earnest Gene, Wanza, Bernice, Homer, Amelita, Drucilla, Clayton, Eula Jean, Doris Jo, Mary Margaret, Norma Dean, Gordon, Lee Everett, Albert, Louwanta Jean, just to name a few. I know that no one today would name their baby girl, Drucilla.

I love the months from January through June. When July rolls around I get real sad and grumpy. No, it isn’t the heat of July but the fact that before the month is out I will be as old as Betty Kersey. From January to July, I laugh about it, joke about it, I torture her with that fact. I know in July, I will get paid back for all the awful things I said to her. Betty, I am sorry I had to tell this. It is because I know I look so sad that people will ask me what is wrong and it is so hard for me to tell the reason why. I know I shouldn’t feel sad but happy that I get to be around as long as you have. Friends, don’t forget when January rolls around please send Betty a card because she will be older than me. At least from January until July.