A Place Called Hardscrabble

I turned eight before summer was gone.

Had it not been for Miss Agnes Minton, my second grade Jenny Lind Jr. High School teacher, I might have grown up with less knowledge of the place called Hardscrabble, the community so close to home. Miss Minton taught summer school there in 1934-35. Since she passed our house every day on her way going and coming to Hardscrabble, she sometime stopped by the evening before to tell me to be ready and she would pick me up the next morning and how excited I would be.

I remember… she drove the prettiest green car. I also remember the fear of crossing the Low Water Bridge with Miss Minton at the wheel and the joy of spending the day at Hardscrabble school, with my new-found friend…Thelma Opal Black who later became my life-long friend after moving to Jenny Lind from the place called Hardscrabble.

Whit Dalton, shown second from left on the back row of the photograph who became Thelma Opal’s brother-in-law…after marrying her sister, Nonie, and what great friends they turned out to be; along with being my brother and sisters in Christ.

All of Jenny Lind was fortunate to claim the Reano family as friends and neighbors, with the other players shown who lived close by.

The photo shows them gearing up for another game (probably in the 30’s) without uniforms, but with enthusiasm while posing and showing off their baseball equipment.

Photograph; Courtesy of the late George Wallace.

Names recorded are: Top row: Allen Heard, Whit Dalton, Walter Dublin, Charlie Heard, Telmon Newman, Judge Johnson, Francis Johnson and Arthur Brown. Bottom row: Jimmy Reano, Vic Reano, Pepy Reano and Albert Thomas,

Just a few past events remembered. (memories) but important events about Hardscrabble for me to hold onto.