Fourth child born to John Floyd Little was Jessie Belle Little. Notice how many times they repeat the same first names in the family. This is how you know you are on the right track. This is an old European custom for naming children.

Jessie Belle Little was born April 16, 1918 in Arkansas. Her childhood was the same as her other brothers and sisters until we come to the 1940 US Federal Census. Jessie is now 22 years old and living in Prairie, Washington County, AR. It says she has finished the first year of high school and is single. Shortly afterwards she marries Ralph Hayhurst Overstreet. He was living in Illinois prior to his marriage on July 6, 1941. The marriage took place in Washington County, AR. Ralph’s parents were William Overstreet and Temple. Ralph was born in Arkansas and lived in the Little Rock, AR area until about age 13. Then his family moved to St. Louis, Missouri. After his marriage he lived in Elgin, Illinois with his wife. I found a city directory for Jesse Bell Overstreet showing her married to Ralph H. Overstreet, living in Elgin, Illinois in 1941.

I found a US Obituary Collection document that has the name Belle Bentonville on it. It was taken from the Herald - Leader newspaper and her death date was May 1, 2008. She was 90 when she died. It gives her birth date as April 16, 1918. Other people mentioned in her obituary were Jessie Little Clawson, Bobby Little, Tommy Hinson, Phillip Smith, Harmon Little, Flora Hinson Jo, Don Overstreet, John Little Floyd, Jim Overstreet, Fred Overstreet and Ralph Overstreet. I don’t know why her name was Belle Bentonville on it. Her social security Death index goes by the name of Jessie B. Overstreet. It states her last residence was Bentonville, AR, she was born Apr. 16, 1917 and died May 1, 2008. According to his Social Security Death Index, Ralph died in April of 1982 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York.

John Floyd had a son named Eugene Floyd Little, making this their Fifth Child. He was born March 9, 1920 in Lavaca, Sebastian County, AR. It was difficult learning much about this man and his family. At first I could only find a 1930 US Federal census record and a death index for him. He was only 10 years old in the 1930 US Federal Census record. The census told me his family was living in Prairie Grove, Washington County, AR. His father was J. Floyd Little and his mother was Jessie Little. Somewhere through my research I learned that his wife was Reba L. Little, born Sept. 4, 1930. Her Social Security Death Index tells us she died July 15, 1984 at the age of 53, her last residence was Fort Smith, Sebastian County, AR.

A "Find a Grave" document for Eugene E. Little says he was born Mar. 9, 1920 and died at the age of 83 on April 27, 2003 in Greenland, Washington County, AR. Eugene lived almost 20 years longer then his wife Reba L. I didn’t find any documents saying they had any children together.

Another boy named Calvin B. was the 6th child of John Floyd and Jessie. He was born Sept. 28, 1924 in Springdale, Benton County, AR. He was raised in Prairie Grove, Washington County, AR. Looking the US Federal census records for 1930 and 1920 don’t tell us much. Calvin was still a child then. 1940 is the last year we find census records online. In the years July 11, 1944 and Oct. 30, 1945 he was in the military, specifically the Army.

I found an Arkansas marriage index for a Mary Fern Gadley saying her spouse was Calvin Little. Mary was 20 at the time and Calvin was 25. The marriage date on the document was Dec. 10, 1949. I found no evidence of children for this couple.

Calvin died on Oct. 30, 1991 according to his Social Security Death Index. It gives his birth date as Sept. 28, 1924.

US Veterans Gravesites document gives us the same information. It gives us his service start date of July 11, 1944, and interment date of Nov. 4, 1991. He was buried in Ft. Logan National Cemetery, at 4400 West Kenyon Avenue, Denver, CO. 80236. He is buried in Section 2, Site 394. His "Find a Grave" document also gives his birth date as Sept. 28, 1924, and death date of Oct. 30, 1991. Inscribed on his tomb stone it reads TECS US ARMY, WORLD WAR II. He burial information is the same as above.

Seven being a lucky number, Harmon Dugan was born next. His parents John Floyd and Jessie gave birth to him on July 16, 1926 in Prairie Grove, Washington County, AR. I found evidence of a wife named Anna Fischer, born 1928. Later I found documentation saying they were married in 1958 and later resided in Fort Smith, AR.

He was also in the Army but later in the years of 1965 to 1968. His social security death index gives us his last residence as Granite City, Madison County, Illinois. It also says he was born July 16, 1926 and died Aug. 15, 2008. His "Find a Grave" document shows a picture of his tomb stone and we also learn that he is buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri. Burial plot was 1-IIB 0 3442.

Child Number 8 was Flora Jo. M. Little born Mar. 25, 1927 in Washington County, AR. I found evidence of a husband, named Thomas A. Hinson, born around 1925. I found a 1940 US Federal Census Record for Thomas A. Hinson living in Owen, Pulaski County, AR. He is only 11 at the time and living with his parents Longus and Nettie Hinson. He also has several older brothers and sisters, he has one older sister named Nettie. A US Public Records Index shows her living in Tamarac, Fl. In 1993, she was 66 at this time. Her Social Security Death Index gives her last residence as Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia. She died Oct. 25, 2006, her birth record differs here - It says she was born Mar. 26, 1926 (one day and one year difference form other records).

Garland Clyde Little makes this the 9th child of John Floyd and Jessie. He was born Oct. 21, 1930 in Arkansas. He married someone by the name of Joyce I. I didn’t find a marriage certificate for them but did find a Texas Divorce Index. It says that Garland was 38 at the time and Joyce was 26. It says they were married June 26, 1968 and divorced July 20, 1970. I located a copy of an Oklahoma "Find a Grave" index and it gives the death date of Nov. 3, 1972. It also reaffirms the birth date as Oct. 21, 1930.

The last and the 10th child is Robert Gray Little born Sept. 1, 1932. He was born in Prairie Grove, Washington County, AR. The 1940 US Federal Census shows him living with his family, only age 7 and the youngest on the census. I show he married Evelyn Ann Blank, but found no evidence of children. The wife’s name I got from someone’s family tree. A US Public Records Index for 1981 shows Robert Gray Little living in Auburn, WA. I found no death index for Robert Gray. According to a Social Security Death Index, Evelyn died Jan. 8, 2001, in Edgewood, Pierce, Washington, AR. She was 68 years old.

This is all of John Floyd Little’s children, at least that I know of.