Rena C. Little was born June 15, 1887 in Arkansas. She is the third child of John Morgan Little and Mary "Maggie" Sutherland Little. In 1900 she lived with her parents in Big Creek, Sebastian County, AR and she was only 13. I found a marriage certificate online for Rena Little. She married Edgar Jayce Aug. 2, 1908, when she was 21 years old. Rena was living in Lavaca, Sebastian County, AR. at the time and Edgar was living in Greenwood, AR.

As was common back then, a child followed a year later. A daughter, Opal Fay Joyce, was born May 9, 1909 in Arkansas. A 1910 US Federal Census record find the family of Rena, Ed and baby Opal living in Whitebead, Garvin County, Oklahoma. I didn’t find out much about Edgar or Opal Fay. Edgar was single again by 1920. I researched Opay Fay Joyce and all I learned about her was that she died June 30, 1978 in Los Angeles, California.

Another marriage certificate tells us that Rena married a Wm. W. Jackson on Nov. 2, 1913. Rena Little was living in Strong, Union County, Arkansas at this time and her husband to be was living in Lapile, Union County, Arkansas. This couple had 6 children together, the first being born in 1915 and the last in 1924. A 1920 US Federal Census for Rena Jackson finds the family living in Police Jury Ward 1, Jackson County, Louisiana. William W. is 30, Rena is 28 and children listed are Fay 3, and Norma 6 months, Luadel Little is 22 and a Coyd Shringfield is 30. I’m not sure who the last two are.

The next census is the 1930 US Federal Census and it shows them living in Quachita County, Louisiana with more children. Now they have L.C. Jackson, age 8, Opal age 7, and Jettie age 6 added to the children in 1920 census.

Their first child was John Wesley. He was born Nov. 15, 1915 in Trenton, AR. The 1940 Federal Census for Wesley Jackson says he is married but I could not find a marriage certificate. The census says his home is Monroe, Quachita County, Louisiana, occupation back tending, highest grade completed was 7th grade and age 25. Does anyone know what back tending is? Living with Wesley are his parents, Opal age 17, Jettie age 16, Norma J. Moreau age 21 and Sandra Gay Moreau 5 months old. Who is Westley’s wife? I believe Norma Moreau is a sister of Westley’s. John Westley died in Chicago, Ill. Jan. 25, 1976 at the age of 60.

Wm. W. and Rena’s second child was Bertis Fay Jackson. He was born July 15, 1916, also in Arkansas. I found an Arkansas marriage certificate for him. He married Shirley Sawyer White June 1, 1948 in Union County, AR. I found no evidence of children for this couple, although they may have had some. Bertis F. Jackson died Oct. 27, 1997. According to "Find a Grave" document, Bertis is buried in Hasley Cemetery, West Monroe, Quachita Parish, Louisiana. He was 81 when he died.

Another child, Norma Orel Jackson was born April 29, 1919. I was confused about her because she has some connection to the Moreau family but I could not find a spouse for her. I found a Moreau Family tree with her name in it but spouse says private. Usually that means this spouse is still alive (if the family tree is up to date). According to this family tree, Norma died Dec. 12, 1996 in Monroe, Louisiana. She had a child named Thomas Michael Moreau born Oct. 18, 1944. This same family tree shows Thomas died in Vietnam May 15, 1970. His wife and child are listed as private on this family tree. A 1940 census record for Westley Jackson showed Norma Moreau with a child named Sandra Gay Moreau. It hints that Westley and Norma are husband and wife but in reality they are brother and sister. My own research didn’t come up with any information on a spouse for Norma, just these two children Thomas and Sandra.

William and Rena have another child they named L. C. He was born sometime in 1922, one source said Louisiana. I found two marriage certificate’s for him. The first was to a Maple L. Marshall. It gives a different birth date for L.C. on this document. It says about 1925. His residence at the time of this marriage was McNab, Hempstead County, AR. His spouse was 18, and they married Sept. 10, 1946.

Just a few years later, he apparently remarried. His new spouse was Ina Mae Penny and she was 18 from Washington, Hempstead, AR. They were married on July 19, 1947. Maple L. Marshall is still alive, so not sure why he remarried. I couldn’t find out anything more about them except for LC’s "Find a Grave" document. It says he was buried in Bogalusa Cemetery, Washington Parish, Louisiana. It gives his year of death as 1984 and birth date as 1919.

We continue on with another child of William and Rena. Opal R. Jackson was born April 18, 1923 in Louisiana. I found no marriage certificate for her or evidence of children. The 1940 US Federal Census for Opal shows her 17 and living with her parents and younger sister Jettie and older brother Westley and older sister Norma and child Sandra Gay. Opal apparently never married. I found a copy of her US public record index showing her living under the name of Opal Jackson at 4511 Congo St., Dallas, Texas in 1993. Her Texas death index is in the name of Jackson and she died Dec. 13, 1995 in Dallas, Texas. The last document I found for her was her Social Security Death Index. It states she was born April 18, 1923 and died Dec. 13, 1995 in Dallas, Texas

Now we are to the last child born to William and Rena Jackson. She had the unusual name of Jettie Mae. She was born around 1924 in Louisiana, I couldn’t find an exact birth date. In the US Federal Census she was only 16 and she was living in Monroe, Quachita, Louisiana. The census was taken the first of April in 1940. Later that year on Oct. 19, 1940, Jettie married Leroy Hawkins. I found an Arkansas Marriage certificate for the two of them. They were married in Pickens, Desha County, Arkansas. I have not heard of this town or county before. I wasn’t able to learn more about Leroy Hawkins.

Two years later Jettie Mae remarried again. I found a Missouri Marriage record for Jettie Mae Hawkins and Joseph Adolphus Gatley. They were married June 21, 1942 in Charleston, Mississippi County, Missouri. I didn’t learn anything more about Jettie after this marriage.

Well that is all the children of Rena and her husband. Rena died Oct. 5, 1959 according to a "Find a Grave" document. She was buried in Hasley Cemetery in West Monroe, Quachita Parish, Louisiana. The birth date is June 15, 1891 on this document. I had June 15, 1887 on other records. Does anyone have the correct birth dates?

Next week we will do John Floyd Little. He has a huge family and it will probably take weeks to write about him because he had lots and lots of children.