Now we are down to the last three Little sons, the ones that lived in Greenwood years ago. I first heard about John Little when I was researching the Tatum’s. I read in local Greenwood history documents that John Little lived near to the Tatum’s family. I also came into contact with several relatives who told me some things about John. On relative was told by her family that Jessie and John Gray Little came together from Pitt County, N.C. in 1838, after their father’s death.

I also read on family history of the Little’s that the three youngest boys didn’t get any inheritance from their father because it had already gone to the older siblings and nothing was left for them. They had to come into money on their own.

I could not find a birth certificate for John Gray but other records say he was born around 1813 in Rowan County, North Carolina. A family tree by relatives says John Gray was living in Crawford County, AR as early as 1831. I show that his father Capt. William Lytle died in 1829. He was supposed to come to Arkansas after his father died. But then in my first paragraph I was also told that John Gray and Jesse Eaton didn’t come until 1838. Which one is correct??

I found an 1830 Federal Census for a John Lettle. Notice the spelling of the last name. It says this John is living in Bedford, TN. Did he go there to be close to relatives before heading to Arkansas? Or is this the wrong John?? The census is in the old style where it doesn’t give names, but it does say he is living with 9 other adults and children. All the adults are males.

The next census I find is for 1840. This time they spell his name John Little and he is still living in Bedford, TN. This time he is living with a female in the age bracket of 20 through 29. There are also children.

Sometime in the late 1830’s or early 1840’s John Gray marries Alvania Mayo. I found no parents for Alvania and no birth record for Alvania. I did find she was born around 1823 in North Carolina.

Next I find an 1850 census in the new style and it gives names. It shows that John G. is living in Marion, Crawford County, Arkansas and is 37 years old. He is living with his wife Alvania who is 27 at that time. It also shows 4 children living with them at this time, Nancy P. age 10, William E. age 5, Martha Little age 2 and Howell W. Little just a newborn baby. Also living with them is Mary Coker, age 21. She probably helps with the children and as a housekeeper.

I also found an Arkansas Census for 1850 that says it is a slave schedule. John must have had slaves at this time.

John Gray Little dies at the young age of 47, Apr. 7, 1860.

I couldn’t find anything that says why he died so young or any further death information. A family tree by a local relative says he died in Jenny Line, Sebastian, AR. His wife and 8 children carried on their farm and his wife now has the name Barnard.

The 1860 Federal census for Alvina Barnard does not show John Gray on it. It says Alvina was living in Marion Township, Crawford County, AR. using the Post Office in Greenwood. It shows her last name is Barnard and she is now 39 years old. She has children living with he, Nancy, Edward, Martha, Howell, John, Harman, Albert and Sarah, they all go under the name of Little. All these children appear to be children of John Gray and Alvania. Edward is a new name and is William’s middle name, so maybe he was called Edward instead of William.

John Gray and Alvania had 8 children. Nancy P born in 1840, William Edward in 1845, Martha Ann in 1848, Howell W. in 1852, John Morgan in 1852, Harmon D. in 1857, Albert in 1858, and Sarah in 1859.

Next week I will go into detail with these 8 children. I wonder how many of them have children and/or grandchildren etc. still living in the Greenwood area. Please contact me if any of you have information on the John Gray Little family.