Martha Ann Little was born July 11, 1948, although I found discrepancies with her birth records. Some of the family trees say she was born in 1852. But I became suspicious when I noticed the 4th child was Howell W. Little and he was born in 1852 also. I doubt if they were both born in the same year. Examining federal census records, I learned that Martha was younger than Howell and I think the correct year in 1848.

Martha was born July 11, 1848 in Crawford County, Arkansas. In the Federal Census for 1860 she was 11 years old and living in Bates, Sebastian County, AR. I found a marriage record online entitled Arkansas, County Marriages Index. It lists the name of JP Jones, a male, age 22, born about 1838 in Alabama. It says he married Martha A. Litle. Notice the spelling. It says Martha is 16 and living in Jefferson, Arkansas. Date of marriage is July 31, 1860 in Jefferson County, AR. If this is correct, Martha was only 12 at the time she married. Was there another Martha A. Litle out there in that year?

The 1860 Federal Census shows Martha living with Alvania Barnard. John Gray Little died in 1860 and his wife Alvania must have married a Barnard. The census show only Alwina (misspelled for Alvania) Barnard age 39, Nancy 21, Edward 15, Martha 11, Howell 20, John, 6, Harman 3, Albert 2 and Sarah only 8 months old. These names to figure into the family tree.

If this marriage certificate for J.P. Jones is correct, something happens to him by 1870 census because Martha is not living with him. She is 21 but she is not using any other last name but Little. She is found in the United Federal Census living with Nancy McQuirk, her older sister and Nancy’s daughter Mary McGuirk. Also on the census in Robert Barnard, age 11, and two younger brothers John and Herman. They are living in Sulphur, Sebastian County, Arkansas. She has a son named Roy Mickle by this time but he and his father are not on the 1870 census, maybe there is another census out there. Maybe Martha worked for her sister as a housekeeper, because JP Jones was away or George was away for some reason. Sometimes this happens when someone works out of the home, the census catches them in two different locations.

It isn’t until the 1880 census that we find Martha, now called Marthy E. Mickle living with her husband George W. Mickle and four children. A lot can sure happen in 10 years huh?? Her children on this census are Roy C. , Sarah E., Harmon D. and Lucy G. Because Roy is 13 at the time, he must have been born about 1867. But why wasn’t he on the 1870 census? Was his father this J. P. Jones or was it George Mickle? I couldn’t find anything more about this Jones man.

But I found out a lot of information on George Whitfield Mickle. He was born Feb. 4, 1852 in Enterprise, Sebastian County, AR. He married Martha Ann Little about 1866. By 1880 they lived in Marion, Sebastian County, AR. The family is split apart in 1890 when George Mickle marries another woman by the name of Elizabeth L. Homes, on Mar. 20, 1890.

The 1900 US Federal Census shows Martha Mickle divorced and living in Sebastian County still. In the census she has Harmon, John and Lillie Mickle living with her. The next 1910 census finds her age late 50’s and her status widowed. She is living with HD Mickle and JL Mickle. The last census I find her in is the 1920 US Federal Census. She has son Harmen living with her, daughter Lillie, and a Ula Hopkins and Louis Hopkins. Maybe we can find out who these Hopkins children are later.

I found a "Find a Grave" document for Martha Mickle. It says she died March 1, 1928 in Sebastian County, AR. She is buried in the White Bluff Cemetery. It sounds like Martha lived an interesting life. She was born and died in our area of Greenwood. So I wondered what happened to all her children. She had about 6 children and as I soon learned most of them had big families. I will have to go into them next week.