In paperwork I received from a Little family member it was stated that George Washington Little was a brother to Jessie Little. I could find any proof of that online. Family trees, as many as eight of them, all state the George Washington Little’s father was George Little and mother Elizabeth Holcombe.

But the family paperwork says George was a brother of Jessie. This same paperwork states that George was married to Dovie Whitehead. This later part about his wife can be verified however. I do believe there was a George somewhere in the Little family, but maybe an uncle or something.

The George I found was born in 1799 in Tennessee. I didn’t find a marriage certificate but did find census records showing he was married to a woman named Dovie. Family trees showed her full name to be Apsley ‘Dovie’ Whitehead, born in 1805 and died in 1860.

The 1840 US Census record for George shows him living in Carroll, Tenn. It is the old style of census that doesn’t give names just ages, white or black, free or slave. It shows one free white male under 5, two males 5 thru 9, two males 10 thru 14, and one free white male 30 to 39. It shows one free white female under 5, one female 5 thru 9, one female 10 thru 14, and two white females 20 thru 29. That is a total of 11 people living at this residence under the name of George Lytle. This census also states that four of these 11 are employed in agriculture. My guess would be that they were George, the two females over 20 and one of the oldest children. Andrew and John were the two oldest children, Andrew born in 1829 and John a year later.

I printed a copy of the 1850 Federal Census to see what that would tell me. George is now 47 and wife Dove is 45. They are living in District 17, Carroll, Tenn. The oldest child Andrew J. is 21 and next is John age 19. Other children listed on this census are James J. age 17, Elizabeth N. 15, William J. 13, Nancy J. 11, Josiah 9, George 6 and Granville a newborn baby.

In 1860 George is living in Denton, Texas. The census shows he is still living with his wife as well as a Jasper Little, age 22, Nancy J. age 20, Josiah, 18 and the baby Gravel (Granville) is 12. Some of these ages must be wrong. For example Granville as a newborn in 1850, so how could he be 12 in 1860? The census also has a Jasper listed, he wasn’t on the 1850 census.

The only other document I could find for George was a US City Directory for 1879. It shows George Lytle living at 23 Deaderick H. Nashville, Tenn. It lists his occupation as Barber Wks. I’m not sure what the Wks stands for. Does anyone out there know more about this George Little?