The last daughter born to Capt. William Lytle and Nancy Ann Taylor was Julia Margaret Lytle. I think it was September 17, 1809, but several online family trees say it was 1801. Julia was born in Mufreesboro, Rutherford, Tenn. She married William Nichol on Oct. 6, 1825.

William Nichol was born Feb. 12, 1800 in Abington, Washington County, Virginia. He was the son of Josiah Abington and Eleanor Ryburn. William came with his parents to Nashville when he was a small boy. When he grew up he became a respected business man and was president of the Bank of Tennessee.

William and his wife Julia Margaret had about 11 children together. They lived in Nashville Tennessee in the 1830’s. From 1830 to 1837 William was a Mayor. In the 1840’s the family lived in Davidson County, Tennessee. Mayor Nichol died Nov. 23, 1878 and was buried at Mt. Oliver Cemetery.

In a family history online submitted by Margaret Nolen Nichol of Jackson Florida ( I learned more about the Little family. The article talks about some of William’s children. One of them was Julia Margaret. It says that she married William Nichol of Nashville. He was a merchant, planter, steamboat owner and Mayor of Nashville. He was known as the first Tennessee Millionaire.

Back to the children of Julia and William. Their first son Josiah was born Sept. 6, 1826 in Nashville, Tenn. He married Sophia Taylor Caldwell June 20, 1850 in Jefferson County, Arkansas. Josiah died in 1868 in Pine Bluff, Ark.

Next was William L. Nichol born Oct. 8, 1828 . At age 30 in 1858 he married Henrietta Cockrill. They had a son named Henry together. Henrietta died in 1859 and William married Ella Fackler in 1864, she died in 1868. He married Martha E. in 1870 and they had at least one child named William Lytle Nichol together.

It seems this family had continued with bad luck. William and Julia had a daughter Elenor R. Nichol born Sept. 26, 1831. She died on Feb. 15, 1849, the day after Valentines Day at age 17. I found a US Federal Census Mortality Schedule Index online and it states she died in July of 1850, cause of death was Cholera. I also found a "Find a Grave" document Elenor Nichol for Nashville City Cemetery. It gives a death date of Mar. 23, 1849 and says she died of disease. Which one should we believe?

Due to lack of space, I will briefly skip over some of the many children they had. Next children were Margaret, born in 1833, Ann in 1835, a son Charles Alexander in 1837. Another daughter Julia Nichol was born Jun 24, 1839 in Nashville. She married Carrie Lawson Moore on Dec. 2 1862 when she was 23 years old. Records show she died in Pine Bluff, Jefferson, Ark. on May 20, 1891.

James Edgar Nichol born Feb. 23, 1843. He married Susan Paterfield Adam in 1870. I found a story on about his death. It was about how J. Edgar was found dead in his bed room. It goes on to say that a well-known Nashville resident was stricken with apoplexy while dressing. Apoplexy in those days referred to "sudden death", such as a heart attack, stroke, internal bleeding and so forth. He was sitting on the side of his bed, rolled over into the bed. When a Porter entered his room to make the fire, he found it already lighted and Mr. Nichol lying with his arms folded. The younger James had enlisted in the Confederate Army and later served with Stonewall Jackson in his Valley Campaign.

Last girl born to the Nichol’s was Jane Foster Nichol, born in 1845 and died in 1916. The last son was Harry Douglas Nichol. He was born Sept. 26, 1847 in Nashville and died Jan. 20, 1926 also in Nashville. His first wife was Elizabeth "Lizzy" Lytle. They married in 1894 and had several children together. This Elizabeth Lytle’s parents were Col. Ephraim Foster Lytle and Judith Searcy. Ephraim and William are related, maybe brothers.

Lizzy died in 1889. His second wife was Roberta Wendel.

Harry Douglas’s obituary states he was a prominent farmer and stock raiser. He had been ill for 5 months before he died in 1926.

Well, back to the parents of all these children. Remember William Nichol, Sr. died Nov. 23, 1878 . According to the 1880 US Federal Census Julia was 70 years old and living with her son James, his wife and 4 children. In 1882, the US City Directory for Nashville shows Julia lived at 657 Broad St. in Nashville, Tenn. Julia M. Nichol died Aug. 22, 1890 in Nashville, Tenn. She is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery beside her husband.