Another child of Captain William Little and Nancy Taylor was William Franklin Pitt Lytle. I found lots of information out about him and it may clear up some of the confusion in the Lytle family notes. Remember I have mentioned that it was stated in family paperwork that Jessie’s, John and Robert’s father had been married three times, that William’s first two wives had died in childbirth. Well this William is the one who had that happen to. Maybe the error was made telling the story from one person to another. One thought they were talking about the father William Lytle born in 1755, and the other one was talking about the son William born in 1805.

At any rate, my research shows the son William to be born Aug. 27, 1805 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford, TN. It is stated in family paperwork that he married Mary Penelope Whitehead who was a sister to Dovie Whitehead that married another Lytle brother. But I could not find any evidence online for this Penelope marrying William Lytle.

I found his first wife was Violette Henderson. He married her Sept. 14, 1826 in Maryland. They had four children together, William Henderson Lytle born in 1827; Frank Henderson Lytle born in 1829; Julie Ann Lytle born in 1831; and Violet Jane Lytle born April 10, 1834. Violette Henderson died April 15, 1834, just days after giving birth to Violete Jane.

William’s second wife was Mary Patterson Lytle. They were married June 10, 1835. They had four children together. The first was John Mitchell Lytle born in 1836; then Robert Logan Lytle born in 1838, next Mary Catherine Lytle born in 1840 and the last one was Margaret Emma Lytle, born sometime in 1841. Mary Patterson Lytle died March 10, 1841. Here again it appears that the mother died in childbirth or it was possibly a cause of the death.

The third marriage for William Franklin was to Sophia Ridgely Dashiell. They married Jan. 6, 1846 in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee. They had several children together.

First child was Evander Lytle, born in 1843. His father William Franklin Pitt and Sophia Dashiell weren’t married until 1846. My math says that either one of these dates are wrong, or Evander was born out of wedlock.

Next child is Alfred Ridgely Lytle who only lived a few years. He was born in 1847 and died in 1858. Next is Ann Ridgely Lytle, also died young, 1849 to 1850. The same with the next child Ephraim Foster Lytle, 1850 to 1852. The next child is Richard Ridgely Lytle and he was born in 1852 and didn’t die until 1931. Now a little girl is born, Sophia Elizabeth Lytle. She is born in 1855 and dies in 1935. A boy named Marion Dashiell Lytle is born in 1858 and died in 1923. The last child born in Eva Lytle, born in 1860 and dies in 1913.

The father of these children, William Franklin Pitt Lytle died in 1863. His wife and the mother of all these children lives to be 100 years old. She doesn’t die until 1927. Before she dies she remarries a man by the name of Carter Bassett Harrison. The marriage was in 1864. He dies in 1905. We are still not done, we have a Lytle girl coming next week.