Louisa is on my list as a possible sister to Jessie, John and Robert Little of Greenwood, AR. In an email message from Janelle, a Little family relative, she gave me some facts from the book "A Biography of John Sebastian Little, 1851 - 1916", written by Freed S. Little, Grandson of John Sebastian Little, May 4, 1994.

In this book it states that only eight brothers and sisters of Jesse Little are known. He lists Samuel, who married Betsy Boone as one of them. Another was William who married Penelope Whitehead, John Gray, Robert who married Josie Ann Brown, Louisa Little Walden who later moved to Fort Worth, Texas and Mary Ann Little Hunter. Notice Louisa is mentioned. I tried researching her but couldn’t find much out about her.

I found several marriage certificates on ancestry.com for an Elizabeth Lytle and a William Walden. The marriage date is February 6, 1819 in Randolph County, North Carolina. Was Louisa maybe her middle name? I found no documents that mention her being called Louisa and nothing is said about her living in Texas as family paperwork stated she did. I found family trees that said she died March 12, 1831, at the early age of 31 in North Carolina. Many online family trees showed her parents to be Frank Lytle. All this is so confusing.

I found a government document talking about how this Frank Lytle, Sr. freed his family in North Carolina. Frank died September 1869 at the age of 95. This doesn’t sound like Jessie’s father. Remember Jessie, John and Robert’s father was supposed to die around 1838. The government document goes on to say that most of Frank Lytle, Sr’s children married whites and light skinned African Americans. This doesn’t sound like our Little family either. But I couldn’t find any other Lytle that tied in with a Walden.

In my research I found that many slave owners freed their slaves in the early 1800’s. In many cases the slave took the last name of its owners. This may have happened with a few of the Lytle slaves. Louisa may have been one of these. Anyone out there ever hear of Louisa or Elizabeth Louisa Lytle? I previously talked about my research into an Elizabeth "Betsy" Lytle but she was married to someone else. It is strange that the name Elizabeth would be used again in the family. This could be an error.

Another thing the family paperwork states in several places is that William Lytle married three times and his previous wives died in childbirth. I could not find any proof of any other wives of this William Lytle. I find no census records that show the mother of these later Lytle/Little children either. The wife of this William Lytle was Nancy Taylor and she died around 1825 in Tennessee. Jessie, the youngest child was born in 1819. It is all so confusing. Again, if anyone out there can help, please let me know.