I continue my search for the brothers of our Greenwood Little family, Jessie, John and Robert. In paperwork sent to me from a local family member I have written documentation that says Samuel Little, (brother of Jesse Eaton) and wife Betsey Boone, a sister of Daniel Boone came from North Carolina about 1826 and settled in DeKalb County, Tenn. Children were John, William, Rebecca, Samuel, Benjamin, Emily, Patsy, Chauncey, Elizabeth and Montgomery.

It goes on to say that William Lytle of Hillsboro, N.C. was born in Feb. 17, 1755, and died in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Sept. 14, 1829. It then is typed "This I believe is the father of Jesse Little". I am told this paperwork was found in old family paperwork of Jesse Little’s family. The document is not signed, and is typewritten, author is not known. It goes on to give some information on the William Little marriage to Nancy Taylor.

I looked on Ancestry.com to see if they had anything on Samuel Little, Born Feb. 4, 1777. I found lots about him but all of it pointed to his father being John Little. In many family trees I found John A. Little born 1746 and died 1810 - was his father. Bellany Erwin was listed as his mother. One article entitled "Litte Family History and Genealogy" , author unknown at this time, gives a rundown of the Samuel Little family. It states that Samuel’s parents have been tentatively identified as John Little, Sr. and Bellany Erwin. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Boone, who was the daughter of John Boone and Rebecca Bryan. Children were John Angus (who later moved to Northern AR), Rebecca born in 1804 and William Little born 1806.

Another Little Family Genealogy website from Rootsweb had a few pages on Samuel Little. It says the source of this information is from the Thomas C. Little Family Bible, Vol. 5, Lincoln County, TN Bible Records. It states father is John Little, Sr. born about 1746 and mother as Bellany Erwin born about 1750. Samuel married Elizabeth "Betsy" Boone Aug. 14, 1801 in Rowan County, N.C. Children were listed as John Angus, Rebecca, William, Benjamin, Samuel, Martha, Chauncey, Emily, Elizabeth and Montgomery. This leads me to believe that Samuel is NOT a brother of Jesse Eason Little but may have been confused with other Little relatives. I have also had several members of our Greenwood Little families express the opinion that Samuel is not a member of our Little families. So I will delete him from my list of possible children of William and Nancy Lytle.

I received an email from a John Hunter and Nancy Ann Hunter family. When I did my research on Mary Ann Lytle I was led to believe she married a Hunter from family paperwork. It led to a John Hunter who I thought might be her husband. The emails this to not be true. Our Mary Ann Lytle married a John McLaughlin which I had correct, but the John Hunter was incorrect. So we must delete him as a husband and his three children that I had assigned to them. Most trees show John Hunter married to an unknown Mary but it wasn’t our Mary Lytle.

Next week I will give you the results of my research of the next possibility of a sibling to John, Robert and Jessie Eaton Little.