My name is Seth Elliott. I’m 9 years old. I can’t write good so my mom’s writing what I say. I think my dad, Rickey Little should be named Father of the Year, even though he’s not my real dad. He’s kinda my step dad. He’s taken care of me and my mom since they got together, and he’s been the best dad a kid like me could ever ask for.

My dad should be Father of the Year always, because he’s got other kids that live in Oklahoma. They’re pretty grown up though. We just got back from seeing them. I miss them, but probably not as much as dad does.

My dad has a big heart. He will do everything he can to help anybody that needs help. My dad treats me the way I want to be treated, even though sometimes I act bad and he has to punish me. I know that it’s just to teach me right from wrong and to be responsible when I grow up.

My dad always makes sure our bills get paid, and that I got food to eat and clothes to wear. He also makes sure I have a roof over my head and a comfy bed to sleep in.

I know my dad loves me more than anything in the universe, even though I’m not his real son. He’s always there for me when I need him and sometimes we get to go for walks in the woods so he can teach me about nature. Someday, we’re probably gonna build robots together. I love him more than anything in the universe, even more than stars or gold.

Now you know reasons why I think my dad should be named Father of the Year, because he’s the BEST dad EVER!!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!