My Amazing Dad

My dad cannot be described using just one word. I would have to create a word specialized just to describe him. It would be a mixture of stubborn, caring, sensitive, country boy, and father. He is unique and special and I love him.

I think my dad would be great for this award because he loves Ace Hardware and Walmart who is sponsoring this event. I’m not kidding; he could live there and be perfectly happy even if he was starving to death. The gifts are not the only reason I am nominating him though. Lately he and I have been getting into arguments frequently and I feel that he needs a reminder of how much I truly care about him. It is mainly my attitude that gets us in these fights because I am becoming a teenager, and I need to learn how to control my attitude. He has always been my dad to me even though I call him James. I try to call him dad, but I’m working it.

This past weekend was great because it was Memorial Day Weekend and my daddy was a Operation Noble Eagle Veteran and an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. I am so proud of him even though he is no longer in the military.

When my dad asked me permission to marry my mom I was thrilled. I was so honored to be their flower girl and I gave them my blessing.

My dad and I are "as close as two catfish in a skillet." I hope you will choose him for this award!!!