A story in poetry.

A story of sacrifice, love, labor and gratitude.

A story of unselfish friendship.

The Story Of Albrecht Durer

By: Helen Rice Steiner

As you read this poem

Perhaps you’d like to know

That this story really happened

Many centuries ago

When two talented young artists

Were struggling hard to earn

Just enough to live on

So both of them might learn

How to be great artists

And leave behind a name

That many centuries later

Would still retain it’s fame,

But in their dire necessity

For the warmth of food and fire

One of the artists sacrificed

His dream and heart’s desire

So he might earn a living

And provide enough to eat

‘Til both of them were back again

Securely on their feet …

But months and years of grueling toil

Destroyed the craftsman’s touch,

And scarred and stiffened were the hands

That held promise of so much,

He could no longer hold a brush

The way he used to do,

And the dream he once had cherished,

No longer could come true

So uncomplainingly he lived

With his friend who had succeeded

Who now could purchase all the things

They once had so much needed …

But the famous ALBRECHT DURER,

The friend we’re speaking of,

Was always conscious that he owed

A debt of thanks and love

To one who sacrificed his skill

So that DURER might succeed,

But how can anyone repay

A sacrificial deed,

But when he saw these hands in prayer

He decided he would paint

A picture for the world to see

Of this “unheralded saint” …

So down through countless ages

And in many, many lands

All men could see the beauty

In these toilworn PRAYING HANDS

And seeing, they would recognize

That behind FAME and SUCCESS

Somebody sacrificed a dream

For another’s happiness.

Footnote: I treasure this 128 page book of inspirational

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