This November, “We the People” of Sebastian County are tasked with the awesome responsibility of electing a judge to fill the position now held by the Hon. Jim Spears, who is mandated to retire because of mandatory age requirement laws. This position, Sebastian County circuit judge, although having plenary powers equal to any circuit judge, primarily handles what many called “domestic relations” or “family law.” Shannon Blatt has a deep understanding of those issues that routinely come before that court inasmuch as she has represented families and children for her entire career and has held public and volunteer offices devoted to serving children and families. She has sat as a “special judge” in thousands of cases. Recently, Gov. Asa Hutchinson appointed Shannon as a “special justice” on the Arkansas Supreme Court. To give a sports analogy to emphasize the import of such: that is like Jerry Jones calling up a player from the “taxi squad” to start in the Super Bowl or, to carry the sports analogy farther, like an MLB baseball manager calling up a pitcher from the minor leagues to start in the World Series. You have to have a lot of confidence in the ability of such person, as I do with Shannon’s ability to handle the task of circuit judge. If you want a caring person, a compassionate human, and an able jurist, vote Shannon Blatt for Circuit Judge on Nov. 8.