Dear Editor,

To the residents of the Bass Little community and surrounding area. I am sure while driving on Mt. Zion Road, Ross Hampton roads and the other roads leading to Ft. Smith and Greenwood you have noticed the garbage and litter on the right of ways. Along with the typical fast food bags, beer cans, and whiskey bottles that have shown up on our roads, we now have hundreds of white bags filled with cat litter and absorbent pads, and bags filled with empty cat food cans that are unsanitary and are terrible to look at.

Concerned citizens are will to pay a $500.00 reward for information leading to the prosecution of the person that is throwing bag after bag of this cat litter on our right of ways. If you have any information as to who this person is, you can contact the below listed.

The residents of The Mount Zion community are asking for your help in stopping the trash problem both in front of our homes and on our road ways.

Sheriff Department Annex in Greenwood

Jerry Wilkinson (479) 597-9307

Wes Sadler (479) 806-6264

Damon Sadler (479) 459-5568

Note: The Sheriff’s Department will deal only with the prosecution of the individual. Jerry Wilkinson and Wes Sadler will be the contact for claiming the reward. Only one $500.00 reward will be paid and only for the bags of cat litter if the person is fined, prosecuted or convicted for littering. Confidentiality will be afforded.