As I write this the Cubs are gearing up for game one of the World Series. I is surreal to say the least. It has been 71 years since they have made it this far. That is seven decades of being known as the “Lovable Losers”. A lifetime of terrible baseball.

You can’t help but to think of all the Cub legends that never played in a World Series game such as Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Ryan Sandberg. Harray Caray never announced a Cub game this late in October and here we are, we get to see baseball history. Even if you are a Cardinals fan you have to appreciate the weight of the series this year. I was watching when the Red Sox finally won back in 2004. I was taking some night courses at UAFS and my grades dropped during the American League playoffs when the Sox made history coming back from a three games to zero deficit to beat the evil empire (a.k.a the Yankees). One play, one stolen base in game four in the ninth inning changed the complexion of that game turned the momentum around into the greatest comeback in sports history. While I may have forgotten the different kinds of rocks from my geology course I will never forget David Roberts stealing that base in the last frame of that game.

And I have heard from a lot of die hard Cards who want the Cubbies to pull it off this year. More times than not it is with the tone of “Just win already, we are tired of hearing about it.” I will be wearing my old cubs hats for a while. There are few things more annoying than seeing a new Cubs hat lately. I have seen this with the Braves in the 90’s and the Yankees for always. Everyone loves a winner. So here we go, the Cubs and the Indians. Two teams with a history of losing. Someone has to win this year!